Tree and Shrub Care

Tree & Shrub Program

Dormant Spray: Helps control certain insect eggs and diseases before they start.

Early Feeding: Promotes richer color and winter recuperation.  Also develops health and vigor.

Spring Foliage Protection: Reduces disease impact and spring pest damage.

Summer Insect and Disease Control: Helps prevent pest damage and disease damage.

Late Summer Insect Inspection and Treatment: Helps control mites and late summer disease problems.

Fall Feeding: Helps root development. / With merit soil injected insecticide (Optional)


Additional Services

Shrub Trimming: Revitalize health and looks by contour pruning of evergreen and overgrown bushes.  We clean up debris.

Tree Trimming: Revitalize health and looks by contour pruning.  Complete thinning of tree and bringing up of low limbs.  We clean up debris.

Mauget Tree Implants:  This service is only needed for your more severe insect, disease and fertilizer problems.  A tube is placed into the trunk of a tree and the proper product is then placed into the vascular system of the tree to help correct a wide variety of problems.

Stump Removal: Grinding out stumps and roots.


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