• "Your guys did an absolutely beautiful job on our new berm. I am so excited about it. As usual, thanks for making me so happy." S.C. Wind Point
  • "I knew that your work would be the best and that it would turn out very nice." T.A. Pleasant Prarie
  • "We`ve always trusted Milaeger`s to do the best work. We`ve had so many nice comments about our new garden." T.C. Racine
  • "I just love my yard. It turned out beautiful. It looks very professional and quality. Many walkers stop and stare. We think we have inspired our neighbors. It`s the frosting on the cake." C.S. Caledonia
  • "I think you may get some more jobs from our work done here. Everyone seems to enjoy our waterfall, etc. Great Job. We love it - very peaceful." R.W. Oak Creek 
  • "Thank you so much for making our yard so beautiful. It is so gorgeous. I don`t know how I will ever be able to thank you enough." S.C. Wind Point 
  • "I love the resulting landscape and the crew is a pleasure to work with. My husband and I will enjoy watching this grow for many years." M.R. Racine
  • "Outstanding! The designer solved my garden problems very creatively and expertly. All now looks great and useable." A.S. Waukegan
  • "I`ve told all my friends and neighbors of the great job Milaeger`s did. I`m so happy with the designer and crew. I can`t wait until Spring." P.L. Whitefish Bay
  • "The crew did a great job. Everything was cleaned up neatly and they were as careful as they could be in not going outside the property or work area. Great job." M.C. Oak Creek
  • "We are very pleased with our pond. Happy with the designer and landscape crew. Great group of people." C.G. Racine
  • "I chose Milaeger`s because of their promptness, courtesy and price." M.H. Racine


  • "The crew was friendly, cordial, and completed the job without a problem." R.L. Racine
  • "Your people are wonderful. They take full responsibility. I soooo appreciate working with a professional company." B.S. Kenosha
  • "I`ve been happy with your work for many years. Dependable! Any new customers will be satisfied." E.H. Wind Point
  • "Very professional crew!." R.R. Kenosha
  • "Thanks for an excellent job." J.H. Racine
  • "Your crew made our yard look so much better than it did. We are very pleased with your service." P.M. Racine
  • "The crew was helpful and friendly. The three fellas did exactly what we wanted." J.T. Milwaukee
  • "Excellent service." M.S. Racine
  • "I have worked with Milaeger`s for about 4 years. The best in customer service." C.Z. Racine
  • "My wife and I were very satisfied with the way the work was done. You`ve got the best people for that job." T.S. Kenosha
  • "I`ve used Milaeger`s for over 50 years. When I need yard work and planting, I call Milaeger`s." E.H. Racine


  • "Your guys did a great job. I would recommend them to my friends." A.S. Racine
  • "There is no one better." R.A. Wind Point
  • "The installation crew did a great job. Best yet - I would like to have them come every year to set up." L.L. Racine
  • "It was amazing to see how easily they did everything, and so pleasantly. It really made my day." B.C. Racine
  • "The service is excellent." K.C. Racine

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